GDPR Policy

GDPR Policy

By browsing, from now on “the company”, and by using its services, you adhere to the Privacy and Personal Data Policy as a visitor and/or user. Therefore, the visitor/user must carefully read our policies content before continuing using our services such as they are provided by the company. In case the visitor/user does not agree, he/she must leave this website and not use ANY of the services and website’s content.

This privacy and data policy can be altered on par with the changes of the law. We are not obliged to inform our clients or website users for every such change. Instead, we urge you to check periodically this page for any changes in our privacy and data policy. Continuing to use the website even after changes to this Privacy Policy means that you agree and adhere to it.


Personal data protection and general data protection

We collect and process your personal data only when we absolutely have to. We will never sell, rent, distribute or publicize your personal data by any means. If you are under the age of 16 years old, you MUST have your parents’ approval before using the services of this website.


Relevant regulation

As with the internal information systems, this website is designed to be in compliance, regarding the protection of its users' personal data, with the following directives/regulations:

  • EU directive of EE for the protection of data 1995 (DPD)
  • Cookie Consent Law
  • EU regulation of 2018 for the general protection of data (GDPR)


Personal information collected by this website and why

This website collects and uses personal information for the following reasons:

Visitor statistics tracking

As most websites do, we use Google Analytics (GA) to monitor our users’ activities. We use these data to determine the number of persons using our website, to better understand the way they find and use our website and to see how they interact with it. Although GA records data such as geographic location, device type, browser type and operating system, none of this information can reveal your identity to us. GA also records the IP address of you PC or device which theoretically could be used to identify you, but Google does not give us access to such information. We consider Google a third-party data processor who is compliant with EU regulations and laws.

Contact forms and emails

In case you choose to contact us by using the contact form or by sending us an email, none of the data you submit to us will be stored by this website or will be sent or submitted to any third-party data processor, as those are mentioned in the following section “Third-party Data Processors”. On the contrary, these data will be sent to us by email using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Our SMTP severs are protected by TLS security, which means that the content of your emails is encrypted before being sent through the Internet. This content is finally decrypted in the destination computers or devices.

Information collected by using cookies

Cookies are generated by the browser you are using and they collect information that helps us look at the performance and number of visits to our website. You can learn more about using cookies here.

Electronic newsletter

If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, your email address will be stored in the database of our website. The email address will remain in our database for the duration of your subscription, which means for the period we will continue to promote our services (marketing) or until you opt-out by un-subscribing or you ask us to delete your email address from our list. You can do so by going to the un-subscribe link you will find in every newsletter we send. As long as your email address is in our database, you will periodically receive newsletters from us.


About this website's server

All Internet traffic (file transfer) from and to this website and your browser is encrypted and transferred through HTTPS protocol by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).


Third-party data processors

We may use a number of third-party Data Processors for the processing of your personal data. These Data Processors are carefully selected to be compliant with the laws and regulations mentioned in this policy. These data processors are mentioned herewith.


Data breaches

We take all necessary precautions for the integrity and security of any personal information stored in our database. We will report any breach of our database and any third-party data collector or data processor to all affected persons and legal entities, as well as to the authorities, within 72 hours from when it is obvious that any personal non-encrypted or anonymized data are stolen.


Data Protection Officer

As the GDPR dictates, has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). For any requests to our DPO, please use dpo [@]

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