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Our journey began in 1990, when the first company was established as a single-person business, under the company name "OLGA BINI". The company made its first steps based in a semi-subterranean space of 200 square meters in Kalithea. Its goal was to distribute innovative products to the Greek market.

Within a short period of time and specifically in 1999 the company was converted into a general partnership, under the company name "OLGA BINI & CO G.P.". It was then that the development of its product range and level of services took off. At the same time, the company was certified to the ISO 9001 standard and obtained approval to sell medical products & approval by the National Organization for Medicines. Moreover, all the products the company distributes to the market are CE-approved.

The continuous increase of the company's business made it necessary in 2003 to move to new company-owned facilities in Markopoulo of Attica. The new facilities lie in company-owned premises of 2,500 square meters, while the buildings occupy approximately 1,000 square meters.

The company grew even more and its turnover was steadily increasing. In 2012, the company's legal form is converted once more into a limited company, under the name "Binis S.A.", which is maintained until today.

2018 found the company ready for yet another big step. In less than 15 years since its relocation to company-owned and bigger premises, these were not sufficient for the company requirements any more. So, the company acquired a new and bigger lot, again in Markopoulo of Attica, of a total of 12,000 square meters, in which modern facilities of 2,500 square meters have been constructed as warehouses, while the offices and showrooms occupy 400 square meters. The company relocated once again.


Today, in a quite challenging period for the country, Binis S.A. continues to invest and seek a better future for everyone. It keeps on expanding its chain of products, acquiring the "Flipper" complete hair styling product line. It restructures its sales department with a complete distributors' network throughout Greece, as well as the transportation of its products via a company-owned fleet of heavy goods vehicles.

The future

Our passion, drive and continuous search for selected products are what urges us every day to repay the trust and preference of all of those operating in the demanding field of our business. A business we respect and love.

These are the values and pillars upon which we have built and still sustain our company. This is really our one and only ambition for the future.

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