Sparkling bathroom every day!

The bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms to clean. Limescale and mold are the most frequent visitors of our toilet and bath. However, there are ways to get rid of them easily. See how...

Shower: If limescale has gathered around the shower head and you cannot remove the head, don't despair. Simply fill a bowl with hot white non-expensive vinegar (you can heat it in a pot) and sink the shower head inside, tying it to the bowl with adhesive tape to keep it underwater. Remove the bowl and the tape after one hour. The limescale will have softened and some of it will float in the vinegar. Use an old toothbrush to clean the shower head to remove the limescale. Don't forget to let the water faucet on, so that the water removes any limescale trapped inside the shower head holes. Finally, wipe it with a clean cloth and then dry it with another, dry one.

Faucets: We also use hot white vinegar to remove limescale from faucets, but in a different way. Lay kitchen towels around the faucet base, where you usually see concentrated limescale. Pour the hot white vinegar on the paper, allowing it to soak it. Remove after an hour and then wipe the faucet first with a wet cloth and then with a dry one. Be careful with hot vinegar, though, when cleaning metal-coated or gold-coated faucets. It is better to avoid it in this case, because hot vinegar will "eat" the metal up.

Bathtub: To clean your bathtub easily and quickly, fill half of it with hot water and throw two measuring cups of laundry detergent in it. Leave it overnight, until the stains are soaked. It will shine and sparkle!

Tiles: Wipe your tiles with a mixture of dish soap, liquid chlorine and hot, but not scalding, water. They will shine bright!

Toilet bowl: You can remove stains from your toilet bowl, using a Coca-Cola can! Shake the can well, flip it over, open it and empty it inside the bowl. The foam will rise up to the edge of the toilet. Leave it for a little over half an hour and then rub the bowl with a brush.

To keep your bathroom surfaces unscratched and shiny, we recommend you use soft cloths and brushes when you clean them.

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